Sunday, July 15, 2012

Comparison Shopping

I have been visiting my favorite school supply hang-outs and must say I am a little disappointed. Lots of the same things as last year. But I haven't given up hope! It's still early! I did find a few things, 
so watch for a post about that!

 I use a lot of Rubbermaid and Sterilite Containers in my world.
I love the 3 drawer units for all kids of things. 

But I also love the IKEA Expedits. (I think I love them, I don't own any YET.)
So my shopping "savviness" is struggling. I think that the IKEA price tag is to steep to cover on my own, but if I actually do the math..... let's see.

The 3 drawer unit could be found for $12.88. So 3 of those units would be comparable to one IKEA Expedit unit. This cute red one is $89.99. Bummer, I was hoping I could do the IKEA number..... So let's look at uses.

Drawer units:
Pros: price, versatility, easily moveable, lightweight
Cons: not as durable as wood, may need to be replaced sooner than Expedit

Expedit Units:
Pros: sturdy, could be used as room/area divider
Cons: price, possibly tippy if used as a divider, needs storage cubes or tubs to store things on shelf, 

Okay - How about if I don't buy anything yet....... and plan my room arrangement and classroom space...... and then MAYBE I can justify the Expedit :O)

Happy Teaching!


  1. Your 3 drawer organizers came in such pretty colors!

  2. I love them too! I sure wish I could find a purple and a yellow..... I love to do things in "Rainbow order" :O) I'll be scouring Wally-world and Target to see what I find this season! When they bring things out for dorm room decorating I usually score big!