Sunday, January 5, 2014

Welcome 2014! Linky Party Day 3 - Fitness!

I'm linking up with bloghoppin' for Day 3! (oops I missed the link window, so I'm linking this to Day 4… I wonder what happen tomorrow. Hmmmm.)

This year one of my resolutions is not to even make the resolutions that I know I won't keep - so with that said, I still have a few fitness goals.

Here is what I know to be true:

I walk. I don't run.
I need to increase flexibility - so yoga is on my list.
I am sensitive to gluten, so that dictates what my diet looks like - and I am the mother of a wrestler, so can you say PROTEIN?

I love tools - several years ago when I was training for the Susan G Komen 3Day that I walked (60 miles in 3 days x 4 years = 240 miles because EVERYONE DESERVES A LIFETIME!) - I used the Nike+ in my shoe to track my distance and time. I have the DVD's - the wii balance board - the Biggest Loser Boot Camp…….. I am always looking for motivation.

My tool of choice now is my Fitbit. 

It's easy to use - I wear it on my wrist and forget that it's there. I slip it off when I shower, but otherwise wear it 24/7. There is a great app on my iPhone and a dashboard online that allows me track progress and activity - what I eat, how much water I drink, how much I sleep and how many calories I took in and burned. Calories in need to be less than calories burned. Simple math.
Here is what one day looked like:

However, it is still hard to get to the gym. We use our local YMCA so I have lots of options, but I have to get there. It won't be today though - the temperature is -19 and the wind chill means it feels like -47. So I am staying inside! (I won't mention that I have a Gazelle, treadmill and HUGE weight machine in my storeroom that I could use…… sigh.)

I can't wait for tomorrow's link post - organizing is one of my favorite subjects!!

Happy teaching -

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