Friday, June 29, 2012

Clutter Free Classroom Step 3 - Purge

P.U.R.G.E - verb -  physically remove (something) completely

That's the task for this week. I do feel like I am always purging in my classroom. I should follow the rule of bring something in, take something out. However........... So I set out to purge as soon as school dismissed. My teaching partner of 8 years was laid off due to declining enrollment, so as she closed up her Kindergarten classroom we inventoried curriculum, furniture, supplies and equipment. Some will be stored until we add a classroom back and some we shared, so I will store so that I have access to it. BUT THAT MEANS I HAVE TO MAKE SURE I REALLY NEED, USE, ETC. ETC.

This is the back corner of my room. At the beginning of the year I was very excited to use this back wall for vertical storage. I tucked my desk against the wall, created a nook with shelves and added my teaching table. BUT I'm a piler and the piles took over. So what I liked was the storage, that my desk was not in the way, that I had a place that was not accessible to students. What I need to change: Prioritize. Not everything needs to be out all at once. I need an "off-site" storage location for the materials that aren't in use. Maybe my storeroom at home (inconvenient), somewhere in the school (not going to happen), purge what is behind closed doors and make room for storage things there (BINGO!).

Enter the 2 big garbage cans on the right side of the picture - I filled 6 like that. Oops! I forgot to take a picture of that. 

I choose to purge as I packed my room up for summer. Do you have to do that? Put EVERYTHING somewhere so that the custodians can come in and clean and polish the floor? I love how clean and shiny my room gets, but I really feel like I just get everything in place during the school year and then WHAM! pack it all away. That is a good way to purge though and I was forced happy to put everything where it belonged and toss garbage cans full of whatever.

When I locked the door the last time I was there, this is what I looked at:

A CLEAN SLATE. I wish that I had a picture of what is just to the right - it is floor-to-ceiling containers that will need to be organized into stations, centers, themes and trash. I do this big job about every 2 years, but it never seems to be just right. So that is the task before me........... Good thing I love stuff like this! I love 'clutter-busting' books like the ones in this widget below.
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Comment and let me know your favorite clutter-busting books - I LOVE reading them, especially if they are in KINDLE form (less clutter!)

Happy Teaching!
Patsi K in MN

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  1. I just found your blog! I am your newest follower. Good job purging. It feels great when we can clear out unwanted stuff.