Friday, July 8, 2011

Cozi Calendar - LOVE IT!!!!

I love the Cozi calendar - it is FREE and online - I have a family calendar on my macbook using iCal, but wanted something for my classroom so thought I'd try this. It works so cool - my family name is Kindergarten - the family member/who are my curriculum subjects. Then I can enter notes, journal entries and lists. I have a "who" or color for Everyday Math, Treasures Reading, Social Studies and Science.

When you enter a new appointment you choose "who" it is for - the description is the name/number of the lesson, the location/where is details (lesson title, etc.) and then I can add notes. So on my calendar I can see the subject, lesson and title. If I click on it I can see notes (like where I have materials stored or if the copies are made etc.)

I am required to post my weekly lessons plans online at our school website and I plan to print the weekly cozi calendar to submit. It will have all of the core information.

If you give it a try and find other "outside the box" tips for using it in your classroom please post them in the comments!


  1. I have a question: do you put the color word in for the family member or the subject area? This looks like a great site!
    Thanks for sharing!
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  2. The family member's name is the subject area. They are each assigned a color. For instance in mine, I created familiy member/curriculum subjects and then I can add an appointment and choose "who" it is for, type a description, location and notes, as well as a time if I choose.