Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Kindergarten Purge

     After 20 years in the classroom, I sure have a lot of stuff! I have spent many hours over the last few weeks going through each cupboard and pulling things that I no longer need or use. Wow! AND I AM HAPPY TO SAY THAT I'M OFFICIALLY DONE CLEANING (at least until the custodial team in my building is done shampooing and waxing!)  
     Now it's time to really look at my curriculum, standards, theme plan and center plans and decide what to do with what I kept. My goal is to only have things that I USE in my space. The "2 sisters" have motivated me to reduce my footprint in my classroom space - that's tough to do - I love the little office spot I had created, but I am going to give it up! I am currently reading The Daily 5 and love searching through the 2 sisters site for motivation.     
     I also am using tips from Debbie Diller's Spaces and Places: Designing Classrooms for Literacy. I implement the Responsive Classroom approach in my classroom and love the book Classroom Spaces that Work.
     I can't wait to post pictures of my newly organized classroom - BUT I have to wait until I can get back into it. So I guess I"ll just have to spend my time thinking and planning.

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