Saturday, July 30, 2011

Finding a Focus

     Wow! I have spent ALOT of time this summer getting re-acquainted with ideas on kindergarten teacher list servs and holy cow - the BLOGGING WORLD is incredible! However, since I am easily distracted, I have found myself popping like popcorn from one thing to the next. I go back to work officially August 30 and 31. Then my kinders will start on September 7 (Parent Meeting on September 6.) (But I'll be in my classroom daily beginning August 15 since my family begins Fall sports practice and I begin my coaching duties.)
     So, it's time to get serious and FIND MY FOCUS! I have worked my way through 3 sections of Everyday Math Smart Board lessons (which I'm sharing on my website) so I would really like to knock out a few more sections. I plan to implement the Daily 5 in my classroom and I have gathered resources over the summer and I need to gather it and make a plan. This blog {click here} has some Daily 5 ideas.
1) SMARTBoard lessons for sections 5-8.
2) Math Stations plan (I Love Debbie Diller's book {Click here})
3) Daily 5 plan (using Daily 5 book)
     Hmmm, this still seems really vague. Let's this - DO SECTION 4 MATH SMARTBOARD LESSONS! I'll check back in later :O)


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