Saturday, July 9, 2011

Kindergarten Math Smart Board Files

Ok - I am going to jump in with both feet and offer something to share! There are so many wonderful teachers with so many creative ideas, that I must admit it is very intimidating!

I am working on creating a SMART Board file for each lesson in the Everyday Math series because it will help keep me on track! I am including books that I read to introduce or support the lesson and music that I use with the lesson, as well as game links for online games.

The Section 1 files are pretty simple - I found last year that my K's weren't ready for what I thought they might be on the SMART Board, so I decided to start simple!

You can visit my teaching website by clicking on the post title above to access the files for download. (Or click here) Section 1 is up, Section 2 will be coming soon and I am still creating the other lessons. I didn't include the music files because of copyright, but I did include the song title and the CD it came from.

Please comment if you have suggestions on how to make these better, or if you have ideas that worked for you. And, of course, I would love it if you would become a follower! (I have to admit I don't really "get" that part of blogging yet, but ........)

Happy Teaching!
Patsi K in MN


  1. I'm so excited that I found someone else that teaches Everyday Math in Kindergarten!! I tried to download your smartboard files, but I can't open them. Any suggestions?

    ✿ Stacy
    Land of Aha-Z!
    The Wolf’s Den

  2. Hi
    I found your files last year and tweaked them to meet the needs of my students. I was waiting for units 4 to the end but sadly I did not see that they were available last year or even now. Are you going to finish them? Please, I hope you do. I keep checking to see. Thank you